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Our coarse fisheries include over 275 acres of water with fisheries ranging in size from 2 to 81 acres. Our established lakes are located in outstandingly beautiful and secluded rural areas across the South West.

At South West Lakes Trust Fishing we offer more than just great angling, our unique fisheries are matched with a recognised reputation for great fish quality.

Enjoy the tranquility that our waters provide with established tree-lined banks, lily pads and weed beds with natural woodlands surrounding the lakes. Our coarse fisheries offer a peaceful setting within picturesque and wildlife-rich surroundings.

Coarse fishing in the South West:

We regularly hold carp and match competitions at Upper Tamar Lake with prize money exceeding £3,500. Season tickets are available online. Day tickets are bookable through Catch. Download the Catch app from App Store or Google Play.

Facilities include onsite cafes, parking, toilets, showers, wheelchair access platforms, on-site permit rooms and easy access paths and swims.

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South West Lakes Trust manages a portfolio of nearly 50 lakes and other natural resources so it is not always possible for our wardens to be on the scene when issues occur. The very remote and rural nature of our estate, the thing that makes them so special, also means that modern mobile communications don’t always cover the areas we would like them to. This makes getting an immediate response to ongoing incidents very challenging.

Please use this form to report any incidents of poaching, illegal fishing or any other form of antisocial behaviour to the management team so that we are able to take appropriate action.

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The tail end of March saw the first South West Lakes Trust Mainline pairs competition of the year at Upper Tamar lake. The anglers were greeted by some nice weather for a change in the morning before the draw. With  20 pairs taking part there was plenty of space for anglers to fish on the lake. The mood before the draw was up beat but there was the standard serious under tone of competitors not letting any other anglers know where they had seen fish.

After all the anglers had dipped their equipment in the dip tanks on site and 11am arrived, it was time for the draw. It soon became clear that the anglers favoured the bottom end of the lake with 18 of the 20 pairs deciding to draw in the main bowl. The draw was soon completed and all participants received a Mainline baits goody bag with Smart liquids and pop ups, now it was time to get everyone to their swims before the start.

2pm arrived and the horn sounded to start the competition. Anglers started getting the rods out finding their spots which could potentially win them £2000.
The marshals did not have to wait long till the phone started to ring and Dean and Dave Willoughby in peg 24 (West Bay point) had landed their first fish. It was a solid start for them landing a 22lb 15oz common. With the results for this competition taken from a pair biggest 3 fish, it remains competitive and anyone can win it at any point. The afternoon produced more fish with Matt and Chris in peg 15 up the top end landing 2 fish for 31lb 1oz, one being a 23lb 4oz common and Dean and Dave landing another common giving them the lead with 33lb 14oz.

Friday night was very productive for Dean and Dave, landing 8 fish in the competition, with the 3 biggest equalling 59lb 7oz. Other pairs stared catching fish with Jamie and Ben in peg 5 landing a 13lb 6oz common and David Bellew in peg 1 landing a 2lb 11oz common.

Saturday morning saw Dean and Dave in peg 24 continue to put fish on the bank with a stunning 18lb 3oz meaning there 3 biggest now equalled 61lb 7oz. But the battle for 2nd and 3rd was heating up through the day as other pairs were adding fish to the scoreboard. By the evening 6 pairs recorded catches.

The final morning was upon us and fish had again been landed. Matt and Chris were holding onto 2nd by the skin of their teeth. John and Wayne in peg 26 put more fish on the board  putting them in 3rd, Marty and Kris in peg 29 landed a cracking Upper Tamar resident 20lb 5oz original common, and Jamie and Ben in peg 5 were ticking over nicely with 2 fish for 24lb 4oz. Just 5lb separated 3rd to 5th.

Dave Bellew in peg 1 managed to pick up some fish from his swim with 3 fish for 27lb 7oz putting him in 3rd, beating John and Wayne in peg 26 by 1lb 14o, that 2lb 11oz carp had made the difference. There was just 10lb separating 2nd to 6th.

Soon the horn sounded and it was the end of a cracking competition. The anglers come back to the Activity centre for the presentation.

There are cash prizes, day ticket prizes and prizes from Mainline baits for this competition 1st place takes £2000, 2nd £1000 and 3rd £500. There is also section winners and biggest fish prize.

Results Below:

1st Dean and Dave peg 24 - 61lb 7oz

2nd Matt and Chris peg 15 - 31lb 1oz

3rd Dave and Josh peg 1 - 27lb 7oz

Section winners:

Section 1 – Jamie Everard & Ben Drew peg 5

Section 2 – Damon Goodall & Craig Snell peg 10

Section 3 – Draw (Stephen Folland & Rob)

Section 4 - John Kneebone & Wayne Bateman peg 26

Biggest fish:

Matt and Chris peg 15  - 23lb 4oz

A big well done to Dean and Dave the landed 16 fish in the end with their 3 biggest equalling 61lb 7oz, Matt and Chris in peg 15 managed to hold on to 2nd place and well done to Dave in peg 1 netting 3rd.

 A massive thank you for Mainline baits and John Kneebone for sponsoring the events, also all the bailiffs that help, we couldn’t do it with out you.

The next pairs match is on the 19th,20th and 21st of July, book here: