Coarse Fishing

Our coarse fisheries include over 275 acres of water with fisheries ranging in size from 2 to 81 acres. Our established lakes are located in outstandingly beautiful and secluded rural areas across the South West.

At SW Lakes Fishing we offer more than just great angling, our unique fisheries are matched with a recognised reputation for great fish quality. Enjoy the tranquility that our waters provide with established tree-lined banks, lily pads and weed beds with natural woodlands surrounding the lakes. Our coarse fisheries offer a peaceful setting within picturesque and wildlife-rich surroundings.

Please note at this time our Permit Rooms are closed. Season and Day Permits are available online or by calling 01566 771930 only

Coarse fishing in the South West:

We regularly hold carp and match competitions at Upper Tamar Lake with prize money exceeding £3500. You can book your day or 24 hour tickets, which are available year-round via our online booking system. Season permits are available on 01566 771930.

Facilities include onsite cafes, parking, toilets, showers, wheelchair access platforms, on-site permit rooms and easy access paths and swims.

SW Lakes Fishing is managed by South West Lakes.

Reporting an Incident:

South West Lakes manages a portfolio of nearly 50 lakes and other natural resources so it is not always possible for our wardens to be on the scene when issues occur. The very remote and rural nature of our estate, the thing that makes them so special, also means that modern mobile communications don’t always cover the areas we would like them to. This makes getting an immediate response to ongoing incidents very challenging.

Please use this form to report any incidents of poaching, illegal fishing or any other form of antisocial behaviour to the management team so that we are able to take appropriate action.

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Coarse Fisheries 2022 Prices

Full Day Concession & Child 24 Hour Season Full Day
Lower Tamar £11 £9 £22 N/A
Jennetts £11 £9 N/A N/A
Lower Slade £9 £8 £22 £132
Darracott £9 £8 £22 £132
Melbury £9 £8 N/A £132
Upper Tamar £9 £8 £22 £132
Squabmoor £9 £8 £22 £132
Trenchford £9 £8 £22 £132
Porth £9 £8 £22 £132
Argal £9 £8 £22 £132
Bussow £9 £8 £22 £132

Season Concession Season Child Season 24 Hour Season 24 Hour Concession Add Fishery
Lower Tamar N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Jennetts N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Lower Slade £105 £50 £220 £200 £42
Darracott £105 £50 £220 £200 £42
Melbury £105 £50 £220 £200 £42
Upper Tamar £105 £50 £220 £200 £42
Squabmoor £105 £50 £220 £200 £42
Trenchford £105 £50 £220 £200 £42
Porth £105 £50 £220 £200 £42
Argal £105 £50 £220 £200 £42
Bussow £105 £50 £220 £200 £42

Day and Season Permits

Day and Season Permits for all fisheries are available online.

Tickets can be issued immediately. Proof of eligibility is required for concessionary tickets. Multiple lake season permits are available. Please ask for further details when purchasing your season permit.

All Coarse Waters Season Permits (INCLUDES; Upper Tamar, Argal, Porth, Squabmoor, Bussow, Trenchford (pike), Darracott, Melbury, Slade. EXCLUDES; College, Old Mill, Lower Tamar, Jennetts, Cargenwen and Tottiford)

  • 24 Hour: £300
  • 24 Hour Concession:£280
  • Full Day: £200
  • Full Day Concession: £180



Day Concessions: Recipients of Disability Living Allowance or State Pension, recipients of State Mobility Allowance, blue badge holders, full-time students, under 18 years.

Child Concessions: Children aged 12-16 years.

Wheelchair Concessions: Wheelchair bank angler.

Prices are correct at time of publishing and may change during the year