Roadford Lake sits within the stunning surroundings of the Wolf Valley, near the Cornwall border. One of the biggest and busiest inland waters in the South West, the lake is surrounded by a variety of natural habitats, including Culm Grasslands, woodlands, old pastures and orchards.

An abundance of flora and fauna, and a lovely scattering of nature trails and footpaths to different areas of the lake, offer visitors the opportunity to appreciate the peaceful beauty of water, woodland and forestry on a walk or bicycle.

Car parking is just £2 for two hours, and £4 for the whole day. Your contribution helps us to maintain the lakes for everyone. Find out about the various ways you can pay for parking here.

Walking at Roadford Lake

There are numerous walks at Roadford, ranging from a short stroll to a 13 mile hike. For a great 30 minute brisk walk and wheelchair accessible route, start from the café and follow the paths to the beautiful sundial and back.

Alternatively, continue on to Gaddacombe, where there is a bird hide. Loop back to the café through the forestry plantation. The Coombepark Walk is 2.5m/4km, and should take about 50 minutes. We do ask that dogs are kept under control on leads, so as not to disturb the wildlife. 

There is also an enclosed dog exercise area in the main car park where dogs can run around off-lead, and across the water, there is a dog-friendly campsite. Click here for more walks. 

See a map of walks

Refuel at Roadford Lake

Refuel at the café, which is open all year round and serves locally sourced food, with beautiful scenery as a backdrop. Dogs are very welcome; there is a doggy paw wash area, so dogs can enter the café (on leads) with mud-free paws and enjoy a well-deserved tasty treat!

With a varied menu, tasty treats and delicious ice cream, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Children are most welcome and there is plenty of room indoors and out to rest and relax. 

We are currently open for takeaway service from the hatch, 11am - 4pm. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates.

Play and Explore at Roadford Lake

With plenty of space to run around, cycle and play, children will enjoy a visit to this beautiful lake. 

Discover insects, wild flowers, have fun at the sundial and enjoy our play area. 

We are fundraising to create a new play area at Roadford Lake. Find out more here.

Activities at Roadford Lake

You can also get on the water or enjoy a camping break at Roadford Lake. With a range of activities including kayaking, stand up paddleboarding and sailing, our friendly activity team are on hand to help you discover an activity as a family, organised group or individual. Visit our activities website to find out more. 

You can also enjoy excellent Brown trout fishing at Roadford Lake from bank or boat. Find out more at Roadford Lake Trout Fishing.

Wildlife at Roadford Lake

The environment at Roadford is buzzing with wildlife, from dormice and bat boxes, to bird hides and buzzards.

In September 2018, 10 dormice were recorded, along with pygmy shrews, Daubenton’s bats and some bees! If you would like to get involved in any of our conservation work then please contact Emma, our Ecologist. 

If you visit during winter, keep your eyes peeled for snowdrops! One of the earliest flowering plants in woodland, this lovely white bell-shaped flower can be seen as early as January and may be one of the only flowers visible over the winter months.

The hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) is a rare and protected mammal native to the UK. This adorable animal has become locally extinct in some places throughout the UK in line with the destruction of suitable habitats, but due to our habitat restoration work, Roadford has become a stronghold for this rare and endangered species. Our bi-annual dormouse surveys are in their 16th year here, as part of the Natural England national monitoring scheme which helps assess the state of the UK population.

Address: Roadford Lake, Broadwoodwidger, Lifton, Devon, PL16 0RL