June 2024

After rekindling his love of windsurfing after a thirty-year break, Phil Brown joined South West Lakes Trust as a launch member at Wimbleball Lake and is loving every minute of it!

Rekindling a sport from years before is always going to be difficult. Will I still be able to do it? Will I be any good? Will my body understand?!

These were just some of the questions I had when my grown up children, who had heard enough from dad about his past windsurfing exploits, booked me a windsurfing hour at Wimbleball Lake Activity Centre. 

Needless to say, after a thirty-year break, my expectations far exceeded my performance but by the end of my short session some of the long forgotten skills began to return.

Initially I thought of lake sailing as a stepping stone to the sea as this is where all my sailing was done in my younger days. However the convenience and safety at Wimbleball soon had me enjoying the sailing on the lake in its own right. With that in mind I became a self launch member which made the whole experience even easier.

The staff are friendly and helpful and the surroundings beautiful. Parking is easy and close by.

There is also paddleboard, kayak, canoe etc hire readily available from the activity centre.

Another benefit with the member ship is the included parking, so we often head over to the lake just to walk the dogs or cycle the perimeter.  

Find out more about becoming a launch member