We welcome responsible dogs owners and their dogs at our lakes across the south west 

Whilst visiting the lakes, the following rules are in place for the safety of your dog and other users (Fixed penalty charges apply)

Dogs must be kept on a lead 

  • Other lake users, particularly children, may be scared of your dog

  • Dogs disturb livestock, ground nesting birds and other wildlife

  • Other dogs might be nervous and aggressive when approached

Dogs must be kept out of the water at all times

  • Toxic Blue/ Green algae may be present which could kill your dog. More information can be found on the Blue Cross website  

Enclosed dog exercise areas can be found at BurratorSiblyback, Roadford and Wimbleball

Please pick up after your dog and take it home

  • Bags of dog mess left hanging on trees/fences is a littering offence

  • Dog mess causes toxocariasis and harms our environment

  • It is your job to clean up after your dog


Thank you for helping us keep these places special. Please report all incidents to our team by calling 01566 771930 or through our online form. 

The Countryside Code provides advise to those wishing to visit the countryside. Find out more here. Respect. Protect. Enjoy.