NCS response to Covid-19 - update page

NCS is a once in a life-time, nationwide, government funded experience for young people between the ages of 16 and 17 to enjoy during their summer holidays that takes place over either 3 or 4 exciting weeks.

The NCS experience empowers and encourages young people to make themselves heard, engage with their local area and provides an amazing stepping stone into adulthood. Throughout the experience young people will grow in confidence, meet new people, learn new life skills, become more independent, feel good about themselves and ultimately have an unforgettable summer whilst making friends that can last a lifetime.


So what would I get up to exactly?


NCS is broken down into 3 main phases and below is how these phases will look with South West Lakes Trust:

ncs be epic ncs phase one

The ‘Be Epic’ phase is a 5 day/4 night overnight residential which is all about getting everyone working as a team, enjoying the great outdoors, making new friends and experience challenge. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about this phase at South West Lakes Trust.


nsc live life ncs phase two

The ‘Live Life’ phase is a 5 day/4 night overnight residential which is focused on providing adulting life skills and a stepping stone into independence as well as some inspiration before moving into to the final ‘Do Good’ phase. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about this phase at South West Lakes Trust.


ncs do good ncs phase three

The ‘Do Good’ phase is what everything leads up to and ends by you and your team designing and delivering a Social Action Project which has some beneficial impact on your local area. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about this phase at South West Lakes Trust.


We’ll be celebrating your success with a big graduation event at Plymouth Pavilions, 29th of August – (timings to be confirmed) where everyone who has completed NCS with South West Lakes Trust this year will receive a certificate signed by Boris Johnson himself. We’ll also play a series of videos of everyone on your wave showing you and your invited guests the incredible things you achieved on NCS.

Whilst there’s no official dress code to the event, we do encourage people to ‘dress to impress’. Why not get two uses out of your prom outfit after all?! 

So… you’ve got your certificate, you’ve celebrated your success with your mates and you’re off to the next phase of your life, fully tooled up to handle adult life now, so that must be the end right?…Well, not quite if you want to carry on, as NCS doesn’t have to end there…

The next extra phase of NCS, which we also want as many people to get involved in as possible, is called:

ncs do more

At South West Lakes Trust we’ll be running a Local Action Group in the Cornwall and Torbay areas which will provide lots more opportunities for you and your new found NCS mates to continue to develop yourself and improve your local community. We’re still in the early stages of sorting this at the moment but please watch this space and they’ll be plenty of information about Local Action Groups and the Do More phase throughout your NCS experience.


Want to get involved?!! Sign up here.


Fancy a job with NCS? 

ncs workforce team leader

Whether you’re an NCS graduate and you’ve been waiting to turn 18 ever since you finished NCS to get involved in staffing the programme, or maybe you’re a university student who’s looking to build up some cash before returning to university but are also looking for a fun-filled summer, or you might never have heard of NCS until now and someone pointed you in our direction for a summer job? Whatever your situation, there could be an opportunity for you with the NCS Team at South West Lakes Trust this Summer or Autumn.

Don’t worry, you don’t need loads of experience with young people, outdoor activities or residentials to apply for NCS roles, all we ask is that you’re a reliable, outgoing character who is willing to learn as they go at both training and within the role, and you could find yourself working in the summer sun enjoying outdoor activities, making memories for life and getting yourself some invaluable experience for your C.V. or your university course.


Visit our vacancies page here. 

Visit the NCS vacancies page here.