Set midway between the Solent and Poole Harbour, Christchurch Harbour is a beautiful natural harbour, and a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Bournemouth Water Leisure, part of South West Lakes Trust, manages a large portion of Christchurch Harbour, including lower reaches of the rivers Stour and Avon, on behalf of South West Water. 

Wildlife at Christchurch

A Site of Special Scientific Interest, the Harbour is home to a rich variety of wildlife, including over 300 species of birds. You might even spot an otter or a seal! This is a scenic location for a tranquil walk, and a prime spot for birdwatching.

Moorings at Christchurch

Bournemouth Water Leisure manage a variety of moorings and fishing in the area, from bankside and pontoon moorings in the river to self-laid moorings in the Harbour. One of the most popular areas for boating on the south coast, this is an ideal location for small to medium-sized crafts.

The Royalty Moorings extend down from the River Avon and Stour, and cover about two thirds of the Harbour. Find out more here

Harbour fishing at Christchurch

The Harbour, Lower Avon, Stour and Claypool are some of the best locations for Sea Trout fishing in England. The area is well-renowned for specimen Mullet and it quality Bass fishing, with the added bonus of the occasional salmon. Large Pike can be found above and around Tuckton Bridge, and Carp up to 30lbs in weight can be caught along the towpath and bandstand area. Lower Stour and the Harbour is a sports fishery where all species are returned to the water. Find out more about salmon, sea trout, bass and mullet fishing here

Find out more about coarse fishing here

Royalty fishing at Christchurch

The Royalty (Avon) Fishery is the UK’s premier mixed fishery with a long and distinguished history. The fishery is open to day ticket anglers during the Coarse fishing season and to a lesser extent the Salmon fishing season. This fishery is managed by Southern Fisheries Ltd. Find out more.

Did you know? The harbour was formed approximately 7000 years ago when the sea level rose at the end of the last Ice Age. Previously, the area was inhabited by Stone Age hunters.

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