August 2023

Professional photographer Gareth Williams from GRW photography shares his ten top tips for taking great photos at the lakes. He's also one of the judges for our Love Your Lakes photo and video competition.

1. Various lenses

Don't just stick to one lens if you are fortunate to have more than one. Also shoot as wide as possible, make it a feast for the eyes and get everything you can possible in the frame.

2. Patience

You're not going to get a chocolate box image within the first five seconds of arriving, watch and take in your surroundings.

3. People

If you get people in the foreground (only small figures) it can create a sense of scale, showing the expanse of the lake.  

4. Get on the water if you get the chance

It will surprise you how differently the landscape looks from there!

5. Meet the staff

They know everything you need to know about the lake and will always give you advice and are really helpful, especially on capturing the wildlife and the best spots.

6. Wildlife photography 

Wildlife on the water are brilliant to photograph, but you need to be patient. A longer lens as possible for geese skimming the water for example.

7. Don't be put off by the weather

Blue skies can be brilliant, but also clouds are fab to photograph and can create mood. Morning at first light you will get the mist running down the valley and off the water.  

8. Pontoons / jetties

Getting on these will give you an edge, you're closer to your subject and right in the mixer! Just ask for a buoyancy aid from reception and away you go.

9. Comfortable shoes and clothing 

It can get hot out there and you'll definitely get your steps in, so good shoes and fluids are essential.

If you're uncomfortable you'll not want to be there and feel rushed, resulting in not so good photos.

10. Eat!

The cafe on site for lunch is a must do, I haven't come across a bad one yet. The toasties are next level and you can't photograph anything on an empty stomach! 

All photographs by Gareth Williams at GRW Photography

Gareth is also an award-winning documentary wedding photographer

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