Our recreational ranger Ian Hayward recently attended the annual Institute of Fisheries Management conference, where speakers from across the country were given the opportunity to share their knowledge and achievements in aquaculture.

One of the key takeaways was the importance of good angling practice.

Ian has put together a list of top tips on being a responsible angler at our lakes:

  1. Handle fish with care and respect.
  2. Abide by fishery rules.
  3. Maintain good biosecurity by following Check, Dry, Clean policies. 
  4. Always use the correct equipment – nets and unhooking mats are essential and you will not be able to fish without them.
  5. Ensure that all nets and unhooking mats are cleaned in the dip tank before and after fishing.
  6. Remove all litter – don’t forget to recycle when possible!

Ian also shared with us his hopes for the future and suggests that “by working together, we can protect the environment we love for future generations”. 

For a deeper insight into angler best practice, read the anglers code of conduct.