Our volunteers make a significant contribution to our charitable work here at South West Lakes Trust, whether that’s helping out with environmental improvements, raising site standards or supporting our angling and activity teams to deliver all the great things they do.

Volunteering can open up a whole new adventure for people. It can bring a sense of belonging and involvement with the local people, while having a positive impact on the environment. The benefits of volunteering are endless.

We have been speaking to our very own volunteers and Countryside Wardens who have come up with all of these reasons as to why volunteering is so important:

  1. You get to learn all sorts of new skills
  2. You get to meet new people
  3. It could help advance your career
  4. It’s good for your mental health
  5. It keeps you fit and healthy
  6. You get to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors
  7. It can provide you with a sense of purpose
  8. It increases your self-confidence
  9. You get to learn more about the countryside and wildlife
  10. You feel a sense of responsibility
  11. You connect with your local area
  12. Helps to combat loneliness
  13. You get to visit places you wouldn’t normally necessarily see
  14. You get a volunteer discount and a parking permit!
  15. You could potentially gain career contacts 

Each year we hold our annual Volunteers’ Celebration, celebrating the invaluable help of our fantastic volunteers. In 2016 over 4,800 volunteer days helped us to deliver our charitable objectives – that’s equivalent to more than a quarter of our entire workforce and an increase of 800 days of volunteering compared to the previous year!

Ross Dimmock and Ashley Hugo started volunteering whilst finishing their degrees at Duchy College. Volunteering with our West Cornwall Wardens for three years, and more recently with Beth Heasman at College and Argal every Thursday, they completed a variety of conservation tasks and projects. This experience and gaining a brushcutter qualification helped them stand apart from other candidates and in December 2016 they were both offered employment with Natural England as wardens on the Lizard and Goss Moor.

Ashley said, “The skills I have gained while volunteering for South West Lakes Trust have been invaluable for seeking jobs both within and outside the countryside management industry. The wide range of tasks undertaken while volunteering has given me practical conservation skills to complete my degree as well as transferable skills I have been able to bring to other roles.”

We also asked some of our volunteers why they volunteer.

I volunteer because:

  • Of my passion for the lake
  • I love seeing the lake come to life in early spring
  • I love helping others enjoy the same experiences of being at the lake
  • I like to keep an eye on and protect the lake I love
  • I like meeting like-minded anglers
  • I love to spend my spare time in the outdoors and around the lakes
  • I can help others enjoy the environment as I do
  • To help out young anglers when needed
  • I am passionate about the lake I fished as a child and want to give something back
  • To keep the environment rubbish free
  • I am passionate about fish welfare
  • I enjoy the wildlife, peace and quiet that South West Lakes Trust has to offer at all of its different waters

If you would like to get involved and volunteer at one of our stunning sites, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you. You can call head office on 01566 771930 or email: [email protected]