As the sun starts to rise before our morning alarms, the days become longer and everything just seems a bit brighter, we can undeniably see the signs of spring.

For us, one of our favourite signs of spring is the snowdrop. We can even see some from our office window at Roadford Lake, a sure sign that the seasons are shifting. The snowdrop's Latin name is Galanthus nivalis, which has the literal meaning of ‘of the snow’. They symbolise the end of winter and the hope for a successful spring which we look forward to at the lakes! 

Snowdrops begin to flower in February and finish blooming in March, truly showing the first signs of spring leading into the equinox on Monday 20 March. These delicate little plants create blankets of white, a welcome contrast to the murky browns and deep greens that cover the winter ground. 

The vast stretches of white snowdrops then tend to turn to shades of blue and mauve as bluebells blossom. You can see them from mid-April to late May, the epitome of summer shades we all know and love here in the South West. This photo was taken in our gorgeous woodlands at Burrator, Dartmoor

Both flowers are perennials which means they flower annually, hence why you find them popping up in the same place year after year, with both enjoying the same habitat. Both flowers blooming for us are a time of excitement and reflection as we gear up for the shifting seasons and all that they will bring. 

We hope you enjoy exploring the lakes this spring and we love seeing your adventures. Be sure to tag us on social media @SWLakes and #ItsYourOutdoors.

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