Over the past year we have seen visitor numbers to our lakes increase as many venture out for some exercise or to explore and appreciate the wildlife these sites support. During these uncertain times our fragility and vulnerability comes to the fore and, for many of us, connecting with nature provides comfort. I know just being outdoors on a crisp, sunny day watching wildlife makes me feel good.

This year’s theme for International Biodiversity Day is about ‘us being part of the solution’ - for humans to recognise how important and inter-related biodiversity (the variety of life on earth) is to our livelihoods and survival.  We are all dependent on healthy and diverse ecosystems and any loss to biodiversity can threaten our water, food, energy, clothes, shelter, health, etc. 

From plants to bugs, birds to reptiles, mammals to fish – creatures big or small - nature can inspire and uplift us – we must therefore re-evaluate our relationship with the natural world to ensure that all life on earth is allowed to thrive.

At South West Lakes we are working on several projects to assess the value of our sites for wildlife. We will then use this to inform how we can improve the management or look for opportunities where we can create new habitats to increase biodiversity.

South West Lakes Biodiversity Officer

For more information about these projects, or if you would be interested in volunteering, please call us on 01566 771930 or email [email protected]

#ItsYourOutdoors - come and explore!