In the lead up to Christmas, try these activities to get into the festive spirit with your friends and families. If one day doesn't work for you, mix it up!

  1. Wrap up in coats, scarves, hats and gloves and go out for a frosty walk
  2. Make a Christmas table or tree decoration using items you found along the way
  3. Make your own Christmas cards
  4. Try your hand at festive baking – mince pies, chocolate log or gingerbread men (you could even hold your own bake off!)
  5. Make a Christmas wreath using foliage, pine cones and dried orange slices. We're also holding some wreath-making events in December
  6. Decorate the inside of a window with a festive scene for your neighbours to enjoy
  7. Try some wintery photography
  8. Decorate the outside of clean, empty jam jars to make festive tea light holders – use felt tip pens, coloured paper or see-through chocolate wrappers
  9. Make your own snowman Christmas tree topper using cotton wool, a cardboard tube, scraps of fabric and spare buttons
  10. On Friday 10 December, dig out your best festive outfit for Christmas Jumper Day
  11. Send a Christmas card to a neighbour who lives alone
  12. Get crafty and make some homemade decorations – cut patterns into folded squares of paper to make snowflakes or cut old wrapping paper into strips to make festive paper chains   
  13. Listen to your favourite Christmas song LOUD, and sing and dance along – “all I want for Christmas is yooooou!”
  14. See how many robins you can spot in your garden or local park
  15. Re-gift unwanted food or presents to a local food bank or gift appeal
  16. Go on a night time walk and look at the twinkly lights on your neighbours’ houses or trees
  17. Read a book with a steaming cup of tea e.g. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  18. Watch a frosty sunrise
  19. Invite a friend or neighbour round for a hot chocolate with loads of marshmallows
  20. Make a bird feeder and give a present your winged friends will appreciate
  21. Hold a festive scavenger hunt with chocolate coins or candy canes
  22. Sing some Christmas carols!
  23. Decorate a gingerbread house
  24. Snuggle under blankets on the sofa and watch your favourite Christmas film

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Happy Christmas!