Siblyback Lake

Our new play area at Siblyback Lake opened in May 2018 with thanks to funding from SITA Cornwall Trust and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development as a LEADER project via the Atlantic and Moor Local Action Group and South West Water.

We want children to enjoy visiting the lakes and realise that a great play area is key to enable and encourage them and their families to get outdoors. Play areas create stepping stones to exploring an area, they also help to create happy outdoor memories and enable children to let their imaginations run wild, we are really looking forward to seeing lots of families enjoyed the new play area at Siblyback Lake.


                                                           The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:
                                                           Europe Investing in rural areas

    Children walking

Tamar Lakes 

In 2016 we opened a new play area at Tamar Lakes funded by SITA Cornwall Trust, Cory Environmental, Lennox Foundation, Cornwall Community Fund and South West Water. 

We've been delighted to see lots of children, both local and visitors to the area, enjoying the new facilities and making a full day out by taking a walk or cycle around the lake and relaxing in the Frog Hopper Cafe also.  


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