8 September 2021

Our Environment and Engagement Rangers Lucy and Sammy have had a busy summer inspiring and enthusing families at lakeside activity days across the region.

We’ve hosted four family activity days over the summer, two at Wimbleball and one each at Burrator and Longham, as part of our I Love Water project. The project is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and South West Water to highlight the importance of using water wisely.

At Save The Splash at Wimbleball on Exmoor, families took part in a range of water themed activities, learning all about saving water and why water is a key part of our environment. As well as a woodland trail, families collected natural materials to create catchment collages and water cycle mobiles.

Homemade water filters using charcoal, gravel and sand showed the different stages of treatment that water from our reservoirs go through to make it safe for consumption. The day was topped off with outdoor cooking, learning how to safely make a fire and toasting banana boats!

The second Wimbleball family activity day, Wonderful Water and Wildlife, involved children making their own campfire bread twists, trying their hand at woodwork and art, learning about invasive species, a trail and wordsearch through the woods and a water usage challenge.

At Burrator, near Plymouth, the Water Warrior Day started with a trail about water consumption and how much water it takes to make everyday items like jeans. Arts and crafts activities were themed around the water cycle and water conservation, finishing up with some campfire cooking.

At the September Fun Day at Longham Lakes in Dorset, activities included woodwork and painting themed around the water cycle and water conservation. Dorset Dogs also attended to engage with dog owners and talk about water and dogs. The day finished with a campfire feast.

Ranger Lucy Alford said: “We really enjoyed seeing everyone and loved how enthusiastic all the kids were, eager to explore and discover.”

About us 

We believe engaging with the natural environment enables people to grow. Our reservoirs and lakes are home to many wonderful animals and boast important habitats and built historic sites. We pride ourselves on enabling people of all abilities to enjoy these special locations by providing access both on and off the water. It’s your outdoors – come and explore.