Trout Fishing

We extend a warm welcome to all trout anglers. The range of fishing we offer ensures excellent sport for all abilities. Our still water fisheries are among the best in the west and vary in size from around 50 to over 900 acres!

Our fisheries are picturesque and atmospheric lakes, including countless secluded bays, weedy shores and tree line margins to explore. We boast rainbows, browns and a large number of blues of the highest quality. Traditional fly fishing is the rule at our stocked fisheries, although other methods can be used at our free wilderness trout waters. 

Young People and Newcomers

We are working hard to encourage young people and newcomers to take up the sport. Under 18 fish for free with a paying adult and part of their bag limit. Throughout the season, we host open days and events where we offer free fly fishing tuition for all.

Boat Fishing

Boats are available at most of our waters which provide an alternative to bank angling. These must be pre-booked, either by calling 01566 771930 (8.30am - 5.00pm 7 days a week) or online by scrolling to the bottom of your chosen lake page.

You will need to sign a disclaimer before you can take a boat out. Once a year you will need to complete a boat induction – please watch the induction video here

Access for All

Most of the waters benefit from facilities designed for disabled or wheelchair anglers, either by platforms or Wheelyboats. These boats must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.


A number of the fisheries have associated local clubs. These are a great way to meet fellow anglers, as well as participating in competitions and social events. We run several competitions during the season - more details of each of these are available on our competitions page.

Environment Agency Rod Licence

Anglers on all our waters must have a valid Environment Agency rod licence which are available from post offices or via the Environment Agency. The only exception may be when attending a bona fide course or a coaching session with a qualified coach – please check beforehand.

South West Lakes Trust

South West Lakes Trust is the managing charity of SW Lakes Trust Fishing. The charity is a member of The Angling Trust. In 2014, the South West Lakes Trust fisheries hosted the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships; Scotland took gold and England won silver. 

Reporting an Incident:

South West Lakes Trust manages a portfolio of nearly 50 lakes and other natural resources so it is not always possible for our wardens to be on the scene when issues occur. The very remote and rural nature of our estate, the thing that makes them so special, also means that modern mobile communications don’t always cover the areas we would like them to. This makes getting an immediate response to ongoing incidents very challenging.

Please use this form to report any incidents of poaching, illegal fishing or any other form of antisocial behaviour to the management team so that we are able to take appropriate action.

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Complete your Catch Returns online here.

Please send any photos to [email protected].


The fishing seems to be picking back up across the fisheries this week, with rod averages of 4-6 at most of the lakes.

The rainbow fisheries benefitted from recent stockings, with 760 stocked at Stithians, 315 at Kennick, 635 at Burrator and 500 at Siblyback.


Rod Average: 1.64

Antony Jenkins from Modbury caught a full bag of 5 rainbows to 3lb on a fast sinking line: 'All fish caught outside Clampits in the middle of the water, down deep, between 12pm and 1pm. No interest in Damsel Nymphs of any description. 4 fish taken on a black blob and one on a yellow blob. Various different retrieves used and all caught. Good strong wind at time and some cloud cover. Activity slowed when in full sun. All fish seemed to have not eaten anything when spooned. Hardly any fish coming up to the surface during the day.'

Graham Roberts from Totnes and his boat partner caught 4 to 3lb between them: 'Apart from a rainbow being caught on the first cast of the day by my fishing partner, turned out to be a day of hard work as even at depth and mid water, difficult to contact fish on the usual offerings. However, on a sortie to Clampitts Bay, and changing over to a dry fly, caught a spectacular Brown Trout of 2.25lbs, with butter yellow belly and cheeks, and white ringed black spots on a gold background. Being a river fisherman, I catch a large number of Brown Trout, but none coloured like this! Most of the Kennick Brownies are much darker, even dull looking, so this was a welcome bonus.'

A lovely brownie, caught and returned by James Moore.

To become a member of Kennick Fly Fishers Association please visit

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The Kennick fishing guide is here


Rod Average: 6.00

An improvement on the previous week at Siblyback, with a respectable rod average of 6.00. Simon Peters from Truro caught 12 rainbows: 'I parked at the Dam car park to avoid the crowds on a Bright and sunny afternoon. Started fishing on West Bank slowly working my way up. There was a strong North westerly blowing lots of flying ants onto the surface but nothing was rising for them. I fish a dry Daddy for 30 mins without a sniff so changed to a washing line set up with a FAB on the point. A Rainbow of about 1.5lb was soon in the net after it took the FAB on the slow drop. I kept working my way along the West bank to the top end with no more takes or pulls so started my way back towards the car. Again, no takes or pulls. I dont know Siblyback so decided I'd rig up 3 rods, one dry fly, one sink tip with 2 cast lures and a 3rd with a floating line with a washing lines set up. Finally before heading back to the car I thought Id have a couple of casts in Stockie Bay. First cast on the black Apache lure I connected with a nice Rainbow, which I managed to net despite the large audience that had gathered to watch. (There really is nothing worse than an audience when fishing - the downside of Siblyback) Another couple of casts and both times fish took the fly but both fish got off. Back to the bank and a quick set up change to a floating line a 15 leader and single goldhead Blob and the fish just kept coming for it, often chasing the fly right up to where I was fishing and taking it when lifting out. I fished on for about 90 minutes until 4.15pm and finishing the day on 12. Fantastic afternoons sport in a beautiful location... with an audience!'

Thank you to Finley, who fished Siblyback on Sunday, for this picture: ‘[I] caught this Rainbow trout on a red apps fly. The fishing was tough because the water was quite low and very warm so meant that the fish where holding deep and were not really wanting to bite. I caught this fish by fishing a Sink tip line, a single apps fly and fished it with a very slow roly-poly.’

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Rod Average: 4.00

The fishing seems to be picking up again this week, with a total of 56 fish caught for a rod average of 4. Al Lawson from Plymouth caught 5 rainbows to 2lb: 'Overcast morning on Bennett’s Sunday morning. S/w breeze perfect conditions. Four on dries (sedge) one to a pulled creeper nymph. Cracking few hours fish in great condition and fighting well.'


Photos: Al Lawson

Mark Sinclair from Horrabridge caught 3 to 3lb: 'Foggy start to morning followed by mixture of cloud and sun, intermediate line fished fairly deep.'

Photo: Mark Sinclair

Thank you to Andy Lawson for this report:

‘Sunday 20th August 2023. 

 Great short session at Burrator today! 

 Arrived to say hi to Al bro around 10ish. He was over at Bennet’s Lawn as the wind had been south westerly the past few days, and as the reservoir had recently been stocked he reckoned there might be fish there. He wasn’t wrong – he’d had four in the past hour or so; one on a pulled creeper and four on a dry sedge. 

I hadn’t intended fishing as I didn’t have my kit with me.  However, the beauty of having a season ticket is, if you rock up and the fish are ‘on’, and your brother has a spare rod, you can fish from Bennet’s lawn without needing waders, etc. 

Unlike Al bro, who prefers to use ‘natural’ flies, I have no shame - and had only a very short time window – so on went an orange fab and I put in a few casts with the intermediate line set up. By the time he’d caught his fifth fish I’d had five! In an hour!! … Yes, I know; orange fab/ freshly stocked fish… but blimey it was fun! 

The first was a beaut of around 2lbs that did not want to come to the net. A proper scrap. The rest were all feisty fish around a pound. 

 What a sesh; short but – very – sweet! 

All fish safely returned.’





 Photos: Andy and Al Lawson


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Rod Average: 3.00

Stephen Glanville from Truro caught 3 rainbows on a cormorant pattern, while David Williams from St Just caught 7 on cormorants and orange blobs on a floating line. Clint Evans from Penryn caught 1 from his float tube on a sinking line with slow retrieve.

 For CAST club membership details, please contact Graeme Clements (CAST Club Treasurer) through their Facebook page:


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Rod Average: 1.00

Difficult conditions and no fish activity reported, a handful of trout caught.

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Rod Average: 5.40

Colliford was back on form this week with anglers achieving 12 full bags between them for a rod average of 5.40. Nick Odle from Looe caught 4 brownies on a floating line with steady figure of 8 retrieve, while Chris Tilyard from Fraddon caught 9: 'Best fish 16" on a CDC hopper close in. Had another similar size one come off 2 casts later! Plenty of action on pulled wets in the rough throughout the evening.'

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Rod Average: 1.67

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Wildlife Round-up: Kingfisher at Burrator; Shoveller ducks, gulls and deer at Kennick; Canada geese, mallard, and cormorants at Siblyback.




Without your catch returns these reports wouldn’t be possible, and they also enable us to gain a clearer picture of our lakes and stock levels which in turn will help us to continue to improve our Anglers experience, so do please keep sending them, even if they’re nil returns! Complete your Catch Returns online here.

Don’t forget to include any wildlife and nature sightings – we love to hear about them and they are a great help to our Environment Team!

Please continue to send us any photos of your catches, the lakes or any wildlife/nature that we could utilise for press articles and social media. We are also keen to see any clear, close-up photos of any flies used, particularly home-tied ones. Please send any photos to [email protected].




Permits are no longer available on-site at the permit huts, please purchase your day and season permits here or call one of our team on 01566 771930.


 We currently have four boats available at Kennick, three at Roadford, two at Siblyback and one at Stithians. 

 To book a boat for the fisheries please click here.




 Bag, Catch & Release limits:

  • Rainbow Trout- Bag Limit is 5 fish. Catch & Release limit is 10 fish per day – we would kindly ask that all anglers purchase a further ticket if they would like to continue fishing.
  • Brown Limit– Bag Limit is 4 fish. Catch & Release is unlimited (if you’re lucky enough to catch good numbers of our Brownies then we feel it’s well deserved!)