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Great days out with South West Lakes 

Explore the great outdoors and have a day filled with fun and adventure! Catch fish, build dens, get on your bike or explore the lakes of the south west by boat or foot. It's your outdoors - come and explore.

There are so many things to do at the lakes – discover the joy of simply wandering through woodlands, spotting birds and bugs and playing amongst nature. You can also take to the water and experience an exhilarating adventure as a family.

Our lakes provide the perfect setting for a great day out in Cornwall, Devon and on Exmoor. Venture along our trails, encountering nature face to face. Refuel at our onsite cafés with delicious snacks, cakes and hot drinks. Enjoy a wide range of fun things to do – try an activity on or off the water for the very first time, shoot an arrow or swing through the trees, discover paddleboarding or explore our lakes by canoe. Extend your stay and enjoy a night under canvas, create a family holiday packed with new experiences creating lifelong memories.

Holidays like no other 

Keep the whole family entertained with a range of activities on and off the water. Our expertly trained instructors offer superb sessions for you to experience a day out like no other. From canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing to archery and high ropes – there’s plenty of outdoor activities to experience the ultimate day out or holiday with the family in Cornwall, Devon and on Exmoor. 

#ItsYourOutdoors - come and explore! 

We are now offering the exciting new sports of Wingsurfing at Wingfoiling at Stithians Lake

Wind wings were around in the nineties but never really took off, probably due to their heavy and unwieldy construction. Then came along the inflatable Windwing around 2018. They said it would never catch on but quite the opposite has happened and this amazing new wind sport has emerged. It’s definitely here to stay and it’s so much fun!!

Winging, wing dinging, wing foiling, wing surfing, there are so many funky names for this exciting new sport. It’s a bit of a mix of windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP and foiling, with so many possibilities for both participants and the industry to develop new skills and equipment.

It’s extremely simple and the equipment is really light so virtually anyone can have a go. You basically hold the wing in your hands above your head and use it like a sail. Starting on a nice large stable board you can work towards smaller boards and even introduce the hydrofoil and fly above the water.

These are exciting times are we are so pleased to be able to offer this activity at the very start of its journey

We learnt the hard way so you don’t have to!

Stithians Lake is probably one of the best and safest places to learn or to progress in winging in Cornwall. Being one of the windiest inland waterways in the UK, the lake really lends its self to winging.

The thing we have found about learning to wing is the importance of flat water, whatever the wind direction we can find a nice spot on the lake. We always have a safety boat to accompany each session and we don’t have to worry about tides, the water is always here!

Whether you would like to start from scratch or you already have some windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing or SUP skills, we can help you achieve your goals. From beginner wing intro sessions to full wing foiling sessions and foiling behind a powerboat, we can offer professional instruction with the latest equipment.

We have both male and female instructors who have completed industry standard training to deliver various levels of wing training courses. All of our instructors are experienced in teaching various watersports and have backgrounds teaching windsurfing, sailing and SUP, so you can ensure you are in safe hands.

How do I start winging?

The best way to start is to come along and complete our wing intro session. This session is suitable for total beginners with no previous watersports experience. We call this wingsurfing and it’s all about using the wing on a big floaty board.

If you have some prior experience in windsurfing, kitesurfing or SUP these skills will definitely help you progress to the next level faster. This session will cover all the basics to get you safely afloat and winging about. We will cover all the important safety aspects and introduce you to the equipment.


How do I start foiling?

If you have some prior experience in windsurfing, kitesurfing or SUP we can get you on a foil board once you have learnt the basic skills in the wing intro. Your previous skills should help us to cover the basics quite quickly. Once we think you are ready you can move onto the foil board.

To get the basic foil control dialled in we can offer towing sessions behind a powerboat. This is a great way to learn the how to fly on the foil board. We can combine this into a three hour session or offer it as a shorter session on its own.

What’s included?

The latest wings, boards and foils, wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid. We do not supply footwear so you will need to bring your own wetsuit boots or shoes. No bare feet!

Video/photo coaching bluetooth communications system is available.

I have my own kit and would like to learn

We can teach/coach you on your own kit, from beginner level to more advanced levels.

I have my own kit and can ride independently

We offer a day and annual launch fee so you can use your own kit on the Lake. You will need to have third party insurance which is available through the BKSA. You will also need a leash on both your board and wing. We recommend all wing foilers wear helmets and impact jackets.

- Day launch £9

- Annual launch from 1 April – 31 March – Single £140 and Family £205. Includes use of Roadford Lake, Wimbleball Lake, Siblyback Lake and Tamar Lakes 

- Includes parking, safety cover and the use of toilets/showers (Shower facilities are closed due to COVID. Click here for updates)

- There is also a campsite (Additional fees apply)

Find out more about day launch and membership here


Session information and prices


Session Type

Session Length


Wingsurf  Intro – Max 2 people **

3 Hours



Max 2 people **


3 Hours


Foil Tow sessions – 2 people ***


2 Hours


1:1 Private Tuition/ Coaching session includes kit


Min 2 Hours

£65 per hour


** Bring a second person for £50 – This person needs to be of a similar level for you to get the most benefit from the session.

*** Foil towing sessions. These sessions require two people to attend. For safety reasons we need a second person in the boat as well as the instructor. The second person doesn’t have to participate and can just watch the action, take photos/videos etc. If you would like to come on your own please contact us to discuss options.


Wing Intro 3 Hour Session 

The aim of this session is to take those with minimal or no watersports experience and introduce them to the basic skills of wingsurfing. During the session you will learn how to set up your kit safely, what to wear on the water, self-rescue techniques, launch and make progress on the water and return to your starting point.

We use high volume boards with dagger boards, these boards are nice and stable and perfect to progress with basic skills.


Wingfoiling 3 Hour Session

This session is ideal for people who have previous wingsurfing experience and are ready to progress to the next level of starting to foil.

It is also ideal for people with previous experience in another watersport such as windsurfing, kite surfing, SUP or other foiling disciplines. Winging has lots of similarities to these activities.

During your first 3 hour session you will experience your first flights on the foil and work towards maintaining longer flights. Learn about the equipment, how to set up, launch/land and get flying, control, self-rescue and safety.

Subsequent sessions will allow you to progress even more. As you start to get to grips with the foil and maintaining longer flights you will be able to move onto more advanced skills and techniques such as upwind/downwind, transitions, gliding and more.


Want to find out more? Give us a call or drop us an email and our team will be happy to help. Find contact details here.