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Great days out with South West Lakes 

Explore the great outdoors and have a day filled with fun and adventure! Catch fish, build dens, get on your bike or explore the lakes of the south west by boat or foot. It's your outdoors - come and explore.

There are so many things to do at the lakes – discover the joy of simply wandering through woodlands, spotting birds and bugs and playing amongst nature. You can also take to the water and experience an exhilarating adventure as a family.

Please check our Covid update page prior to visiting to make sure you are up to date with information for your trip.

Our lakes provide the perfect setting for a great day out in Cornwall, Devon and on Exmoor. Venture along our trails, encountering nature face to face. Refuel at our onsite cafés with delicious snacks, cakes and hot drinks. Enjoy a wide range of fun things to do – try an activity on or off the water for the very first time, shoot an arrow or swing through the trees, discover paddleboarding or explore our lakes by canoe. Extend your stay and enjoy a night under canvas, create a family holiday packed with new experiences creating lifelong memories.

Holidays like no other 

Keep the whole family entertained with a range of activities on and off the water. Our expertly trained instructors offer superb sessions for you to experience a day out like no other. From canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing to archery and high ropes – there’s plenty of outdoor activities to experience the ultimate day out or holiday with the family in Cornwall, Devon and on Exmoor. 

After the dark and cold days of winter, the first signs of spring are definitely a welcome sight. Warmer temperatures, budding plants and the sweet glimpse of new life are just a few of the long-awaited moments revealing spring is finally in the air.

It's the time of year when nature is changing. A promise of new life, a breath of fresh air, an overload of the senses. It's the perfect time to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, immerse yourself in nature and experience the many benefits of being outdoors. 

Put a spring in your step

Take a trip to your local lake and explore the spectacular lakeside walks, suitable for the whole family to enjoy. Venture across moorland, through woodlands and experience spectacular National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty! 

Watch as winter transitions into spring and witness the landscape change into a kaleidoscope of colour, a natural blanket of yellow, green, blue and crisp white. Admire the spectacular flowers blooming around the lakes. Some traditional favourites to spot are daffodils, snowdrops, primroses, bluebells, wild garlic, wood forget-me-not and cuckooflowers.

Bluebells in coppiced woodlandThe lakes are also home to an abundance of wildlife, from wildfowl, hedgehogs and weasels to bats, deer and even the illusive dormouse. Keep a look out for flashes of colour in the sky as the butterflies emerge and spot one of the most iconic signs of spring, frogspawn, within the ponds and along shorelines.

Visiting the lakes on bike or foot is a great way to experience this incredible time of year. Boost your energy and mood, enhance your creativity and enjoy a moment of calm - nature in spring is simply breathtaking. 

Discover five ways to get involved with nature this spring 

Take to the water 

Spring into action and enjoy a family lakeside adventure. Our activity centres, located in Cornwall, Devon and on Exmoor, are the perfect locations to experience something new and create memories with loved ones. 

Those wanting to dip their toes in can hire a variety of watersports equipment, including kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and sailing boats or, for those who have their own kit, there is the opportunity to use it on the lakes. Instructor-led sessions are also available during the holidays. 

Research shows that 'Blue space', including sea, rivers, lakes and even urban water features, can have a positive impact on health and wellbeing. The lakes of the South West provide an abundance of opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to engage with the outdoors and get active. So, head to the lakes this spring and experience an unforgettable adventure!

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Roadford Lake (near Okehampton, Devon)

Siblyback Lake (near Liskeard, Cornwall)

Stithians Lake (near Redruth, Cornwall)

Tamar Lakes (near Bude, Cornwall)

Wimbleball Lake (near Dulverton, Somerset)

Please view our activity centre Covid update here.

Extend your stay

Our five campsites offer a great night’s stay under canvas. With outdoor barbecuing, stargazing and the opportunity to explore three national parks, Cornwall's clay country and the spectacular coastlines, you definitely won't be stuck for things to do during your stay. 

Roadford, Stithians, Tamar and Wimbleball all offer fantastic glamping options for that extra special escape. 

There’s plenty of things to fill your holiday with fun and adventure! Explore the lakes by foot or bike or take to the water on a canoe, paddleboard, kayak or sail boat. Enjoy a camping holiday in the south west packed with fun and lifelong memories. 

Pitch up a tent, toast marshmallows and look up to the sky. Wimbleball and Siblyback are both dark sky reserves, the perfect spots to stargaze and engage with nature and the outdoors in its greatest form.

Gazing up at the night sky can bring comfort to many people during an extremely difficult time and rural areas such as the lakes are the ideal locations to see the stars as they’re away from any light and disturbances.

Wanting a relaxing break outside of the busier school holidays? 

Peace and tranquillity could not be more important during these uncertain times and, even though the world as we once knew it is ever changing, it seems that nature really is thriving. Now is the time to immerse yourself in the great outdoors. Inhale the fresh, crisp air and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Detach yourself from modern life and connect with your natural surroundings on your next lakeside break. 

The lakes are a great location for campervan and motorhome owners to escape, relax and unwind. 

From the soothing sounds of water lapping against the lake shore, to the relaxing dawn chorus on a spring morning, to the rustling of leaves as a gentle breeze passes through the impressive woodland canopy above - waking up to nature’s soundtrack truly is incredible.  

Please read our Camping Coronavirus Statement prior to making a booking with us

Cast a Line

Did you know that Roadford, Siblyback, Stithians and Wimbleball are all popular trout fisheries? The perfect spots to begin your angling adventure. South West Lakes also manages 14 coarse fisheries across Devon and Cornwall including Tamar Lakes, voted as the second best still water coarse fishery in the country in the Angling Times Magazine's National Angling Awards.

The lakes come alive in spring and it can often be the best time of the year for fishing as the waters start to warm up and fish start to move around after the winter and inevitably search for food.

As the trees start to bud and leaf, insects drop onto the water which can bring fish into the margins of the lakes and within casting range providing some exciting close in sport under your rod tip.

Trout Fishing

Spring is definitely the best time of year for trout fishing as the waters start to warm up and insects become active in and around the water. Our overwintered fish go on the feed in spring, often long and lean like torpedoes after the winter, providing some terrific battles.

Our stock of trout at the lakes are also at the highest levels at this time of year.

Please remember to read our coronavirus information prior to visiting.

Find out more about our trout fisheries

Coarse Fishing

Species like perch will be at their top weight in spring and the chances of a real monster are out there at our waters.

Try and find some feeding fish which will increase your chances of catching. It's also worth seeking out the shallower areas which warm quicker in the spring sun – these can often lead to multiple catches.

Please read the coarse fishing coronavirus information prior to visiting our fisheries.

Find out more about our coarse fisheries