Play and Explore

Play and Explore

Fewer children are getting a chance to climb trees or play hide and seek in a woodland. Through this campaign we aim to provide places for young people and their families to play together - by supporting our work you will be helping families to create special memories and protect areas for active play in the countryside.

Siblyback Play Area

We want children to enjoy visiting the lakes and realise that a great play area is key to enable and encourage them and their families to get outdoors. Following a very successful re-development of our Tamar Lakes Play Area we are now aiming for an ambitious redevelopment of the play facilities at Siblyback Lake on Bodmin Moor.

We are aiming to raise at least £60,000 to enable us to provide new play equipment for younger children and natural play features for older children in a safe area near to the Rockhopper Café. Relocating the facilities will mean a much safer and pleasant experience for all visitors away from the car park, where everyone can play and relax together.

We have found that play areas create stepping stones to exploring an area, they also help to create happy outdoor memories and enable children to let their imaginations run wild.

Help us make Siblyback Lake a place to switch off from busy lives and enable people to play and explore.

Proposed area for the new play area.

  • A new sit-on rocker costs approximately £500
  • Two swings cost approximately £1000 (plus safe surfacing)
  • A wooden clatter bridge costs approximately £950
  • One timber balance beam costs £160
  • Providing a safe and long lasting fallen tree feature could cost £2000 

Your donation really counts towards our final total for this exciting project


Our Trustee champion says-
“ Our best family times are having fun in the countryside. I would like to see many more people able to have similar great experiences”
Monica Read

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Tamar Play Area

Thanks to SITA Cornwall, Cory Environmental, Cornwall Community Foundation and your donations, we were able relocate and improve the play area at Upper Tamar Lake, it gives somewhere for young children to burn off energy whilst older ones enjoy the more formal activities on offer