Play and Explore

Play and Explore

Fewer children are getting a chance to climb trees or play hide and seek in a woodland. Through this campaign we aim to provide places for young people and their families to play together – by supporting our work you will be helping families to create special memories and protect areas for active play in the countryside.

Siblyback Play Area

We are delighted to announce that our new play area at Siblyback Lake is now open with thanks to funding from SITA Cornwall Trust and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development as a LEADER project via the Atlantic and Moor Local Action Group and South West Water.

We want children to enjoy visiting the lakes and realise that a great play area is key to enable and encourage them and their families to get outdoors. Play areas create stepping stones to exploring an area, they also help to create happy outdoor memories and enable children to let their imaginations run wild, we are really looking forward to seeing lots of families enjoyed the new play area at Siblyback Lake.

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The European Agricultural Fund
for Rural Development:
Europe investing in rural areas



Roadford Play Area

We’re in the very early stages of planning to improve our play offer at Roadford Lake. Last updated in 2005, we feel it’s time for improvements and hopefully expansion. We want to enable children and their families to play and explore at Roadford Lake, linking play to the natural environment is important to us and is of great benefit to everyone’s health and wellbeing.

At the moment we are looking at options including its location, type of play offered and critically funding sources.

If you would like to get involved with fundraising, make suggestions or offer help in other ways please contact our Head of Development, Lisa Tame on or by calling 01566 771930.

‘I would love to hear from our current users and also people who may be encouraged to visit Roadford Lake if the play facilities were improved, please do contact me to discuss how we could work together to make this vision a reality.’ Lisa