Our Work

Our Work

We are passionate about people from all walks of life being able to benefit from the wonderful countryside around our lakes. Our work is based around five themes that underpin the work of our charity and our people.

Play and Explore

Reconnecting children and their families with the outdoors through play.

It is becoming ever more difficult to give children access to outdoor learning spaces – be that through formal education or visits with their families. Over 1 million children in the UK did not visit, or rarely visited, natural places in the last year. We have the opportunity to connect more young people with nature, away from the distractions of modern technology and socialising with friends ‘online’.

We’re passionate about enabling friends and families to enjoy spending time outdoors. It will enable people to be active, have fun and create memories.

Love Your Lakes

Caring for and improving our natural environment.

Our environment is precious, by looking after it we give space for wildlife and people to enjoy. By working with local communities, volunteers and external funders we can improve and protect the natural environment around our lakes. We want to preserve our unique habitats and landscapes whilst helping our visitors to enjoy them. We will do this by consulting with stakeholders, updating conservation management plans and delivering our environmental priorities.

Active Outdoors

Promoting and delivering health and wellbeing in the outdoors.

Our lakes give so many opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to get outdoors and be active. We want to provide great experiences both on and off the water which enable our visitors to be active and healthy whilst having a fun time with friends and family.

Research shows that green spaces have a key role to play in improving public health; we believe we can make a regional difference to our nation’s wellbeing. Our lakes and environment can benefit local communities – improving physical and mental health through exercise and positive social experiences.

Building Outdoor Skills

Training and personal development for those furthest from work.

In recent years there has been an increase in number of young people who are not in education, employment or training. For some young people this is a temporary setback, while for others it will have a long term detrimental effect on their future. We can give young people more confidence to learn new skills in environmental and outdoor activities, leading to volunteering and, potentially, employment opportunities. With so much to do at the lakes there is always an opportunity to become involved be it through team building, rural skills such as hedge laying and coppicing, watersports and more our sites can be used to enable people to turn their interest into skills and a career.

Discovering Local Culture

Celebrating and engaging people with our built and social heritage.

Celebrating and engaging people with our built, cultural and social heritage.
Local culture and communities are embedded in our work be it through local food, community history or preservation of historic buildings. It is important to us and our local communities to ensure that these features remain for future generations to enjoy, explore and discover. We want to inspire people and communities to be involved in their special heritage.