Countryside Wardens

A perspective on angling

Name one sport that isn’t age restricted and angling will be at the top of the list. Angling can be enjoyed by all ages and all abilities. For some, the sport is about catching the biggest fish they can! However, for others it is a way of escaping the rat race of life and it…

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25th September 2018

Orchard Management

Orchards are not just beautifully reminiscent of the traditional British countryside; they also play host to an abundance of important and unique habitats for flora and fauna. There are three orchards around Roadford. They consist of some very old varieties of apples that are suitable for this area of the West Country; two orchards, both…

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21st August 2018

Bugs and (Mini)beasts

A bug is always an insect but an insect is not always a bug, although all are mini beasts, yet only some are creepy crawlies, which give many the heebie-jeebies! To give them their proper classifications, insects are six legged critters with usually 1 or 2 pairs of wings, so a butterfly comfortably fits into…

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23rd July 2018

Upstream Thinking

Most of us don’t think twice about turning on the tap and running a nice glass of cold water on a hot day, or filling up the kettle for a brew after a busy day at work, however that water has been on quite a journey since falling as rain. Only a very small proportion…

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15th May 2018

Plant Mythology – Stuff and Nonsense?

There are very few people who have heard of Nantree and even less that know where it is… It was my Gran, who, according to my dad, was always full of stuff and nonsense, who use to take me and my sister there.  It was her favourite spot, an ancient pedunculate oak deep in the…

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9th April 2018