Trout Fishing

We extend a warm welcome to all trout anglers. The range of fishing we offer ensures excellent sport for all abilities. Our still water fisheries are among the best in the west and vary in size from around 50 to over 900 acres!

Our fisheries are picturesque and atmospheric lakes, including countless secluded bays, weedy shores and tree line margins to explore. We boast rainbows, browns and a large number of blues of the highest quality. Traditional fly fishing is the rule at our stocked fisheries, although other methods can be used at our free wilderness trout waters. 

Young People and Newcomers

We are working hard to encourage young people and newcomers to take up the sport. Under 12s may fish for free when sharing their parents’ bag limit. For under 18s, there is a two fish child permit available. Throughout the season, we host open days and events where we offer free fly fishing tuition for all.

Boat Fishing

Boats are available at most of our waters which provide an alternative to bank angling. These must be pre-booked, either by calling 01566 771930 (8.30am - 5.00pm 7 days a week) or online by scrolling to the bottom of your chosen lake page.

Access for All

Most of the waters benefit from facilities designed for disabled or wheelchair anglers, either by platforms or Wheelyboats. These boats must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.


A number of the fisheries have associated local clubs. These are a great way to meet fellow anglers, as well as participating in competitions and social events. We run several competitions during the season - more details of each of these are available on our competitions page.

Environment Agency Rod Licence

Anglers on all our waters must have a valid Environment Agency rod licence which are available from post offices or via the Environment Agency. The only exception may be when attending a bona fide course or a coaching session with a qualified coach – please check beforehand.

South West Lakes Trust

South West Lakes Trust is the managing charity of SW Lakes Fishing. The charity is a member of The Angling Trust. In 2014, the South West Lakes fisheries hosted the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships; Scotland took gold and England won silver. 

Reporting an Incident:

South West Lakes Trust manages a portfolio of nearly 50 lakes and other natural resources so it is not always possible for our wardens to be on the scene when issues occur. The very remote and rural nature of our estate, the thing that makes them so special, also means that modern mobile communications don’t always cover the areas we would like them to. This makes getting an immediate response to ongoing incidents very challenging.

Please use this form to report any incidents of poaching, illegal fishing or any other form of antisocial behaviour to the management team so that we are able to take appropriate action.

Complete Form


Permit rooms are closed until further notice. Please purchase your day and season permits here or call one of our team on 01566 771930.


Reminders & Requests

  • Please send me any photos of your catches, lakes or any nature or wildlife pictures that we could utilise for press articles or social media posting. It would also be great to have some clear and close up photos of some of the flies used, and would be very keen to see flies tied at home as well, so if you have any photos to hand please send them to- [email protected]


  • Please complete Catch Returns online, this will enable us to gain a clearer picture of our lakes and stock levels which of course in turn will help us to continue to improve our Anglers experience.


  • Any Roadford Brown Troutwith adipose removed as part of the project study please record and send any photo/details of these Brown Trout caught.


Bag, Catch & Release limits:

  • Rainbow Trout- Bag Limit is 5 fish. Catch & Release limit is 10 fish per day – we would kindly ask that all anglers purchase a further ticket if they would like to continue fishing.
  • Brown Limit– Bag Limit is 4 fish. Catch & Release is unlimited (if you’re lucky enough to catch good numbers of our Brownies then we feel it’s well deserved!) 




We currently have four boats available at Kennick, three at Roadford, two at Siblyback and one at Stithians. 

 To book a boat for the fisheries please click here.


News and Highlights from the week:


Highlights this week include a rod average of 6.56 and 13 full bags at Colliford and a total of 38 trout caught at Roadford.


There are still plenty of spaces left for qualifying for the Best of the Best Competition:

The qualifiers have a maximum of 12 people per heat with the top 6 qualifying for the £2000 final at Kennick on 17th October

Places still available for the dates below - To book in please call our office on 01566 771930. Don’t delay!

 Burrator – 18 September (New date)

Kennick – 25 September (New date)

Kennick – 2 October

 All the information and rules can be found here:

 The full list of qualifiers will be posted on our Best of the Best page on our website (link above).


Please keep the catch reports coming in, we really do appreciate the depth of information they offer and it’s a great help to us. Thanks also for the great photos and videos we’ve received so far.


Thank you to Jason Hayes from Barnstaple for these pictures of his catch of 6 brown trout (plus a Rudd) to 2lb: ‘Loads of action during the morning, missed loads of fish biting short. All fish returned safely. Big fish chasing fry in the shallows.’

David May from Barnstaple caught 1 at 1.75lb, and Arron Leslie from South Molton caught one 2lb brownie: ‘Bright sunshine, hooked 3 landed 1. Plenty of small fry in shallows with larger fish preying on them from deeper water.’


Rod Average: 0.54

A very low rod average this week despite plenty of hatches and rises; Jeff Ferguson from Seaton reported a big sedge hatch from 7.30pm and a lot of fish showing when he caught one 1lb 8oz rainbow and two browns to 1lb on a black and peacock spider. Meanwhile, Gavin Mallett from Horrabridge caught 2 rainbows at 1.5-2lbs on a floating line with a very slow figure of 8 retrieve, and Tom Hendy from Chudleigh landed a 1.5lb rainbow from his boat on a black tadpole fly on a floating line. A floating line and slow retrieve also worked for Nigel Charlton from Ashford when he caught his rainbow on a Montana nymph, while Brian Parry from newton Abbot saw success with buzzers, landing 2 rainbows at 1.75lb.


View the full Catch Report here

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The Kennick fishing guide is here


Rod Average: 0.00

Another week of blanks for Siblyback unfortunately. Geoff Cook from Falmouth caught but lost three 2lb rainbows before he could get them to the net, on a small yellow lure fished deep and fast.


View the full Catch Report here

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Rod Average: 0.67

Little surface activity this week resulting in some challenging fishing. Matt Cox from Bodmin caught 1 rainbow at 1.5lb on a Kennick Killer on a floating line with 15ft leader, with figure of 8 medium speed retrieve. Meanwhile Alan Clements from Plymouth caught 1 rainbow at 1lb 3oz, fishing with a floating line and team of dries, and Al Lawson from  Plymouth caught 1 at 1.5lb on a damsel Nymph: 'Bright sunny day with an easterly breeze quite gusty at times. Tricky day to say the least, only managed the one despite having a few more follow and turn away. Next to no surface movement with my fish coming to a slow damsel on an intermediate line.'

Patrick Murphy from Plymouth caught and released 2 brown trout: ‘A short evening session fishing west bank, a light, east wind coming down the reservoir. Brief burst of surface feeding for about half an hour mid -evening but stopped quite quickly. A few stock fish moved through the area at pace but did not return.’


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Rod Average: 1.56

Simon Peters from Truro caught 2 rainbows to 2lb: 'Very little insect life and no fish on the surface anywhere. Overcast evening session with light winds. All fish took the FABs fished on a floating line with Long Leader and Naturals on the droppers.' TR Marks caught 5 on sedges, while Roger Clark from Truro caught 2 rainbows on foam beetle and olive half hog. Tim Laws from Helston caught 3 rudd and a 1.5lb rainbow: 'Windy and sunny. Rudd within a rod length of shore at north end of reservoir. Very little trout surface activity but rainbow came at last cast in the shadow of the dam.'

Photo: Simon Peters

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Rod Average: 5.00

This week's high rod average owing to the fact that only 1 catch return was submitted, but well done to Anthony who caught 5 browns to 1lb: 'Overcast until afternoon where it got hot and sunny. Plenty of fish rising more or less all day in the bay. Fished dries targeting rising fish or leaving them static. Great day, caught my first 5 brown trout ever.'



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Rod Average: 6.56

A nice, high rod average of nearly 7 fish per person this week and the equivalent of 13 full bags!  Soldier Palmers seem to be performing well as the fly of choice recently, with Dean Boucher from Gunnislake catching the majority of his 19 browns on one:

‘The forecast was for a south East wind all day. A perfect breeze to fish the Stuffle Peninsula in, so decided to make the long walk. Fished pulled wets in the morning, Soldier Palmer, and Cowdung Fly on the droppers with a lightly weighted B&P spider on the point fished on a floating line. Fish came steadily through the morning. Soldier Palmer caught most fish but the B& P spider and Cow-dung Fly both chipped in with a couple a piece. I sat and ate a leisurely lunch in Boulder Bay, as I did the wind seemed to swing slightly to more a true East. This set up a nice bit of flat water in front between Boulder Bay and Halfway Bay and the odd fish started to rise along the edge of the ripple. Changed over to dries fishing a Black Bits and Soldier Palmer. I had four fish, all on the Bits fishing the ripple edge. The breeze then swung back to a South Easter and strengthened so I lost the flat water. I stuck with the dries though and had 4 more fishing blind when I switched banks to East Stuffle Meadows. All bar one on the Bits. A super days fishing was made even more enjoyed when I saw a little fox cub dash up the lane adjacent the Dam Car Park as I drove home.’

Alan Judd had similar success with 11 trout after reading that the Solider Palmer was commanding the most interest in last week’s report, and sent in this fantastic report with photos:

‘I had a cracking day at Colliford yesterday!

The conditions were near to perfect with cloud cover all day, a good wave and a moderate NE breeze that was ideal for fishing the East bank.

 I started at the dam and immediately had takes with wets pulled on a floating line.  I missed far more than I hooked but eventually managed to land one that had taken a bibio.  I then fished my way along Lower East Bank and again had many more takes, mainly on the soldier palmer.  The takes were savage causing a commotion on top of the water as the fish smashed into my flies!  I landed a few around the 1/2 lb - 3/4 lb mark.  I read a report from one of your anglers that fished last week who said that the soldier palmer commanded the most interest - he was not wrong!  Apart from my first fish all takes and fish landed thus far came to this traditional pattern fished on the dropper, so much so that I decided to change my bibio point fly to a red tag stick fly being slightly different but similar to the soldier palmer.  This proved to be a wise move as my next fish took the stick fly and turned out to be a real clonker that, when weighed in the net and the weight of the net then deducted, tipped the scales at 2lb 7oz!

 I carried along Lower East Bank and into Browngelly Bay with more electric takes and finished the day landing 11 in total but I must have missed at least 20 or 30 more. Brown trout fishing at its best!'

Photos: Alan Judd

Phil Messenger-Roberts from St Austell caught 8 on a variety of flies, the largest taking a Soldier Palmer, and Chris Tilyard from Fraddon landed 3 brownies to 42cm: ‘Didn’t catch as many as on my Tuesday session but a nice way to spend a sunny September afternoon. Best fish was a real bruiser, tipping the scales at 1lb 14oz and fell to a static black gnat dry fly. My luck ran out after that and had 5 fish fall off the hook!

Boulder Bay, Colliford by Chris Tilyard

1lb 14oz brown trout, Chris Tilyard.

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Rod Average: 3.17

A bumper catch for Roadford this week with an equivalent of 8 full bags and a total of 38 trout caught. Well done to Jamie Gillman from Plympton who caught 24 of those, the biggest being 3lb. Tim Sills from Bristol was thrilled that the trout were finally participating when he caught his brown trout on a Diawl Bach during a late evening session, and Mark Edwards from Etchingham caught 2 browns to 1lb and a 6oz perch:

Started fishing from the bank near to where the boats go out, nice ripple on the water and the wind blowing into the shore. I had all the fish using a floating line with 18ft fluorocarbon leader pulled reasonably fast, there were a lot of very small green midges on the surface. Lost a couple of fish and had a few light knocks. Almost nothing from the boat but lost something heavy over the bubbles, it was a sunny day and unfortunately had to leave at 12.10. Looking forward to coming back, maybe with a small out board motor and a drogue as the wind was a bit strong. Great fun!’

Photo: Mark Edwards

Thank you to Dean Boucher for this picture from his session, where he caught 8 browns to 2lb 8oz on a floating line:

Photo: Dean Boucher

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Wildlife Round-up:

Fox cub at Colliford, Kingfisher at Kennick.



Hope to catch up on one of our waters in the very near future.

Tight lines!