At South West Lakes Trust, we believe that engaging with the natural environment enables people to grow; spending time outside, even if it’s just in your garden, can boost your mood and provide real benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing.

In these difficult times, we are all staying at home. But, nature is still out there, in all its beautiful glory!

So, we challenge you to escape into nature for a while, through art and pictures, and inspire us!

Why not re-create your favourite moment you’ve spent at the lakes in a painting or collage? Seen any animals on your walks? Draw them! Taken any photos at the lakes in the past? Send them in, or create a painting from them. You might even find a picture on our website that you want to try and draw. 

Share your creations and photographs by tagging us (@swlakes) on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter including the hashtag #LoveyourLakes or email them into us at [email protected]

We will judge all entries at the end of May, with vouchers up for grabs for the winners!

Show us why you #LoveyourLakes, even from afar.