As part of the national Heritage Open Days programme - free event

Without realising, we have all walked past things around Burrator Reservoir that have a fascinating hidden history, so here is a unique opportunity to learn more about them and discover how people power helped to shape the area.

On Sunday 22 September 2019, volunteers will be on hand at key points around the reservoir to outline the fascinating history of several "hidden" things. For example, what is the link between King Henry VIII and Norsworthy Bridge, and why is a "C" carved on a boulder? How did people power put an end to compulsory, statute labour - up to six days per year without pay - maintaining bridges and roads? How was tin worked at Bal mine, and how can the humps and bumps of the site be interpreted? Who used to live at Longstone Manor, and why was it abandoned?

Details of the event can be obtained from Burrator Discovery Centre, which is also a good place to start on the day.