On Wednesday 24th July, join us for a fascinating bat walk at Argal Lake, and find out about the bats that call the lake home. 

At the start of the evening, we will meet at Wild Vibes Café to enjoy some delicious food and listen to an introductory talk about bats and what we will hopefully see and hear, before heading out for a walk around the lake, taking in a range of habitats and listening to the bats with the help of bat detectors. The walk will be led by Senior Countryside Warden for Cornwall Beth Cross, and Sam Smith from Cornwall Bat Group

Argal Lake is a prime location for this particular activity; the lake and its surrounding areas boast a great range of habitats including woodland, open grassland and of course water, giving rise to conditions perfect for many different species of bat – not to mention the beautiful views. The evening therefore promises to be an exciting one for bat lovers; in previous years, five or six different species have cropped up including Daubenton’s, Noctule, Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle, and the rare Nathusius Pipistrelle. So, why not come along and see which species you can spot?

Please meet at Argal café at 9pm. Entry to the event is £7, including hot food from Wild Vibes cafe. Availability is limited, so booking is essential.