Do you want to make a difference and help the biodiversity of Siblyback Lake? Following the success of the Siblyback Strike Back Team’s battle against Himalayan Balsam earlier in June, join the team as they resume work on Wednesday 24 July, 11.00am – 15.00am.

Himalayan Balsam is an invasive species that grows rapidly and spreads quickly, shading out other (often native) vegetation. If left unchallenged, the plant spreads along river banks and lake shores. As a result of five years of persistence, there are now just a few pocket areas around the site where the plant needs to be pulled up, including the south shore and Crylla car park.

Please meet at 11:00am outside the Rock Hopper Café. The session is estimated to finish at 3.00pm. Free to all participants. Please bring suitable clothing and sturdy footwear for a practical task to venture into dense vegetation and tackle some uneven ground. There will be cake and hot drinks available!

For more information, please call 01566 771930 or email [email protected]

If you spot any invasive non-native species at any South West Lakes Trust sites, please contact Nicola at [email protected]