Springing into Butterfly Season

The arrival of spring at Wimbleball Lake brings a whole host of changes to the site’s habitats and the wildlife that reside within them. The wildflower meadows are abloom with a variety of colours and smells, the woodlands are thick with leafy green trees and vegetation, whilst ducklings paddle in the shallows of the reservoir and our diverse grasses come alive with the clicks, chirps and buzzing of insects. Read more

Student placement with South West Lakes Trust

Over the last eight weeks we have been joined by an MSc student, Kate Shears, from the University of Plymouth. Kate has completed her placement which focused on ecology, conservation and updating our integrated management plan for Roadford Lake. Read more

Access for All in the Countryside – A Tale of Two Andrews

It is something many of us take for granted, that on these lovely spring days we have been having over Easter, we can head out into the countryside to enjoy the sunny weather, spectacular scenery and wonderful wildlife that the south west has to offer. Read more

Plant Mythology – Stuff and Nonsense?

There are very few people who have heard of Nantree and even fewer who know where it is… It was my Gran, who, according to my dad, was always full of stuff and nonsense, who used to take me and my sister there.  It was her favourite spot, an ancient pedunculate oak deep in the forest - its buttresses and trunk made an ideal place for her to rest her weary feet and for us to devour her hastily made egg sandwiches. Read more

Orchard Management

Orchards are not just beautifully reminiscent of the traditional British countryside; they also play host to an abundance of important and unique habitats for flora and fauna. Read more

A perspective on angling

Name one sport that isn’t age restricted and angling will be at the top of the list. Angling can be enjoyed by all ages and all abilities. For some, the sport is about catching the biggest fish they can! However, for others it is a way of escaping the rat race of life and it can even be an adventure! It brings you so close to nature that if you are lucky enough, you just might be able to touch it. Read more

Butterfly and Moth Search Day at Crowdy Reservoir

During late summer and officially in September 2018, I started at South West Lakes Trust (SWLT) as the new ecologist. I started volunteering for the Trust in 2016 when I did my university placement at Burrator. In my new role, I will be involved with the ongoing Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) project and the overall conservation of our sites. Read more

Dormice at Trenchford Reservoir

The hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) is a rare and protected mammal native to the UK. This adorable animal has become locally extinct in some places throughout the UK as populations have plummeted. Read more

Tree Safety

Well it’s that time of year again, no not Christmas, but the season of torrential rain, storms and gales, and the inevitable unscheduled site closures, which are largely due to the risk of falling branches and trees! Read more