Spring is Coming!

Other than the occasional out-of-season bloom, it’s been a long time since I last saw a bank of wildflowers. I always look forward to the spring, and although we’ve still got a little while to go yet these beautiful snowdrops reminded me it’s just around the corner!

Snowdrops are immediately recognisable by their drooping bell shaped snow white flowers and upward pointing spear like leaves. Their scientific name derives from the Greek “gala” for milk and Latin “nivalis” for snow.

As one of the earliest emerging blooms, they can be an important nectar source for insects brought into life by an unusually warm sunny winter’s day. They are not a true native wildflower to the UK, having been introduced around the 16th century, and as such do not have any special conservation value in their own right… but I don’t think that makes them any less special when you come across the first patch of the year!

By Chris Eyles, Senior Warden for Exmoor

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