Green Carpet Moth – Colostygia Pectinataria

This beautiful Green Carpet Moth, Colostygia pectinataria, must have been fairly fresh when I took this photograph, as you can see from the very striking green colouration of the wings.

This lovely hue tends to fade quite rapidly to a pale yellowish brown as the moth ages… while this does mean experts can guess at the age of the moth, it is a potential source of confusion for beginners!

The Green Carpet Moth is common throughout the UK, and can be found in woodlands, grassland, and even gardens, and flies in the early dusk and into the night. In the South they tend to have two broods, and adults can be seen from May into September. The caterpillars’ foodplants are bedstraws.

This fine specimen looks like a female, as her antennae lack the dense bushy structures that the males have to detect female pheremones.

Who says moths aren’t as pretty as butterflies!

By Chris Eyles, Senior Warden for Exmoor

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