Roadford Dormouse Box Checks



On 17 September a group of 10 volunteers, alongside a licenced ecologist, undertook South West Lakes Trust’s bi-annual Dormouse box checks at Roadford Lake, near Launceston. The site has historically been a stronghold for these endangered mammals and South West Lakes Trust’s checks tie in with the national Dormouse monitoring programme, which helps assess the state of the UK population.

There are 150 boxes spread around Roadford Lake and children have started painting the next generation of replacement boxes to be put up over the winter.

Neil Reeves, Countryside Manager for South West Lake Trust, said “In May 2016 we found 26 Dormice using the boxes which is fantastic news. In contrast, the recent checks only revealed one Dormouse, but we are not despairing. It has been a really good summer with plenty of food around, particularly in early autumn, so it is likely the Dormice are using natural nesting spots in trees as opposed to the boxes.”



During the checks the volunteers enjoyed some great weather and worked really hard. As well as the now famous Dormouse, they also found Wood Mice and a lovely surprise – a Natterer’s Bat, another of Roadford’s special residents.

The next checks will be taking place in May 2017 where it is hoped a few more of these fascinating creatures will be found. For more information please call 01566 771930 or email