Educational Area Created at Siblyback Lake



On Sunday 14 August the Plymouth Environmental Action (PEA) nature conservation volunteers joined South West Lakes Trust Countryside Wardens, Nigel Tomkinson and John Davies, at Siblyback Lake to build an outdoor seating area for school groups.
The day started off with the usual cup of tea and a biscuit! The team then got in a boat and travelled across to the opposite side of the lake to a small conifer plantation to process logs. Around the lake there are a number of small conifer plantations which were planted around 1960s/1970’s. Over the last few years a number of these trees have come down due to having shallow roots and being in strong winds. These have been cut into large logs and left in piles in the plantation.

The plan for the day was to create an educational area, using the felled timber to make a natural-looking, but effective, boundary around it. The group started selecting the lengths and then processed the logs by removing the side branches. Once ready they were transported by wheelbarrow to the boat and taken to the other side of the lake.
After lunch the volunteers dug a curved trench 2 ft deep and placed the timber upward with the tallest in the middle, gradually going down in size each side. If you would like to see the results you can find it by walking just past the bird hide on the left hand side, just before the bridge.
Chris Bond from PEA said, ‘Overall, it was a very enjoyable and sunny day. Just before we boarded the minibus back to Plymouth we stopped in to Siblyback’s Rock Hopper Café for a delicious ice-cream! Thank you South West Lakes Trust for a great day!’