Hedgehogs Released at Porth Reservoir



On Monday (11 April) three hedgehogs, named Olly, Pirate and Cinnamon, were released at Porth Reservoir, near Newquay as part of ‘Prickles and Paws’ release programme. The hedgehog rescue and rehabilitation centre are looking at releasing up to around ten hedgehogs when they are ready in the woods opposite the car park.
Diane South and her daughter Katy founded Prickles and Paws after they started taking in a small number of hedgehogs in to their home in Cubert, helping them recover before releasing them back into the wild.
Of the hedgehogs released at Porth on Monday, Pirate came from Penzance. He was found during the day on 1 October 2015 and was very poorly with one type of internal parasite – capillaria. It took several courses of treatment to get him to full fitness. Cinnamon came from Hayle on 25 October. She was very small, had quite severe skin problems and again was full of internal parasites. Olly came in on 15 February from Probus. He was disturbed by builders and was brought to us to finish hibernating and to be released in to a more suitable environment.
Porth offers little or no disturbance from humans and has good opportunities for food and shelter. Hedgehog boxes were made by Mr Hudson’s year 9 Class, Newquay Tretherras and South West Lakes Trust’s Countryside Wardens also made some ramps for the hedgehogs to climb the steeper parts of the reservoir banks.
Diane South, co-founder of Prickles and Paws said, “We had 346 hedgehogs in the rescue centre last year and had up to 70 throughout the winter. We are always looking for quiet rural release sites and the woods at Porth are ideal with plenty of leaf litter and rotting logs for them to forage in.”
Diane thanked Nigel Tomkinson, South West Lakes Trust Countryside Warden and the team for placing ramps where the sides of the reservoir are deeper. Hedgehogs are good swimmers but need to be able to scrabble out.
For more information about Pickles and Paws’ release programme visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/pricklesandpaws, email prickles.paws55@btinternet.com or call 01637 831299.