Biodiversity project

In 2008 a Biodiversity Officer was employed to support the conservation team and to work specifically on a two-year Biodiversity Project funded by South West Water and the Trust.
The project focused on one BAP species, the Otter at five key sites (Roadford, Lower Tamar, Lopwell, Venford and College) and five BAP habitats –
• Ponds at Burrator, Roadford and Lower Tamar
• Wet Woodland at College
• Heathland at Colliford
• Lowland Meadows at Tamar Lakes and Wimbleball
• Rhös Pasture at Fernworthy and Wimbleball
During the first year of the project the aim was to obtain baseline data and observations regarding the species and habitats and then to identify specific management requirements. These management requirements were then carried out during year two and beyond to positively benefit the habitats and species found within them. Further information on the project and its objectives can be found in the Trust’s Biodiversity Action Plan summary document or the full version.
The project has now finished but all the findings and recommendations have been carried forward into the individual site management plans.
Major achievements through the project were
* The creation of a new pond complex in Roadford Lake Forest
* The clearance of two ponds in Burrator Arboretum
* The creation of scrapes to expose muddy areas at both Upper & Lower Tamar Lakes
* Monitoring of otter populations and the creation of two new otter holts
* Improved and extended Rhos pasture habitat at Fernworthy plus monitoring of the Marsh Fritillary butterfly and confirmation of presence and breeding on two sites
* Invasive removal within College wet woodland
* Botanical surveys of meadows at Tamar and Wimbleball and implementation of an improved cutting regime

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