A walk along the Narrator Valley

Dartmoor and the Burrator area are very popular with walkers, horse riders and cyclists. By clearing the sites for public access, the project sought, where possible to educate visitors about these mines in particular and tin mining on Dartmoor in general.

The mining features in this valley have been susceptible to damage from vegetation – both conifer plantations and smaller undergrowth. By clearing the sites of vegetation we have helped to preserve them for the public to visit and enjoy. Our survey work has helped us to understand the layout and working of the sites, which has increased knowledge. It is envisaged that copies of our plans and photographs will be kept in the Historic Environment Record at Parke, and by SWLT, and can thus be referred to by professionals or the public for study.
Please download the map and the detailed plan of the self guided trail around the area on the right. The site numbers in the detailed plan are following the numbers in the self guided walk document.

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