Roughtor mine

The Dartmoor Tinworking Research Group (DTRG) was established in 1991 and is a voluntary organisation raising all of its income from members and grants. The DTRG exists to promote research, conservation, publication and debate about tinners and their tin works, besides being a focus for celebration of their contribution to Dartmoor.
In 2008 the DTRG offered assistance to SWLT to help with mine adit clearance at Burrator Reservoir in particular the area known as Roughtor.
A mine adit is a horizontal tunnel that leads from the open air into the mine and the project with DTRG aims to conserve and interpret selected sites. By carrying out an archaeological survey, the relationship between some features will be more fully understood. The intended end result of all this hard work will be a short, self-guided walk leaflet for these particular mines.
During 2008 DTRG and SWLT spent several days clearing three adits and their associated spoil heaps, a feature which may be a shaft or pit, a gully, and a section of leat associated with a building (possibly a mill). Work has concentrated on sites near to the main forestry track below Sheepstor, as these are the most accessible, and ones to which the public have easy access.
Anne Whitbourn of DTRG said of the project “The work has been very satisfying, as the results are quickly apparent, as well as useful to the forestry contractors who are now able to locate sites easily, and can thus avoid damaging these remains when clear felling larger sections of the plantation.”

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