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Conservation management plans

South West Lakes Trusts management agreement with South West Water requires management plans to be written for each reservoir.

The management plans are comprehensive, integrated documents which set out the activities, land management and conservation at individual sites.

They consider the type of activities taking place and the conservation value of the site to determine the five-year objectives for the site.

The Conservation Team is responsible for writing and reviewing the management plans for over 40 sites and since 2008 has re-written the plans for twenty sites.

* Argal & College
* Boscathnoe
* Butterbrook
* Colliford
* Crowdy
* Drift
* Fernworthy
* Kennick, Trenchford and Tottiford
* Upper & Lower Tamar
* Porth
* Roadford Lake
* Siblyback Lake
* Stithians
* Venford
* Wimbleball Lake
* Wistlandpound

A further four are currently nearing completion

* Meldon
* Lopwell Dam
* Melbury
* Burrator

Accompanying each management plan is an extended phase one survey, which details the various habitats at the site and forms the basis of the conservation objectives.

The management plans are complied in liaison with the Trust's Area Managers and once in draft format are sent for consultation to relevant parish councils, Wildlife Trusts, South West Water and other interested parties.

Once finalised the plans are used by the Area Managers and Conservation Team to guide and plan work over the following five years.

The plans are designed to be ‘living documents' and therefore objectives are reviewed annually to assess progress and each plan undergoes a minor review in its third year. Updating of each plan starts in the final year to ensure that the next phase is ready to take the place of the existing plan.

Copies of the management plans are available from the Trust's Head Office.

Updated November 2012

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